Alan M. Ganz, Ph.D. (Physics) Columbia University, Founding Partner, is the architect of the product portfolio.  His work spans many of the acute technical challenges of the era, including oil (Exxon Production Research), defense in nuclear war (think tank Mission Research), scientific and medical instrumentation (PerkinElmer).  He has consulted for major corporations (Dow, Thermo) as well as collaborated with university professors (Johns Hopkins Medical Center, UC Berkeley). 

Henry Weber, M.A. (Engineering) Cornell University, Founding Partner, is the operations manager, responsible for planning and execution of projects.  His broad background in several energy related industries including chemical processing and environmental control enables him to quickly adjust to the specific needs at each client site, where is also enjoys teaching staff how to get the most benefit from ANA products.   

Chandra S. Inturi, M.A. (Software Engineering) NYU Polytechnic, Sr. Software Development Engineer-II, is the manager tasked with translating the ANA technical vision into practical, user-friendly packages. PMI certified, his duties encompass supervising a team on Windows and web development including mobile devices. Chandra’s core experience is providing automation for manufacturing sectors such as chemical processing, environmental control and energy-related industries. 

Fred S. Danzig, JD Fordham, MBA Columbia University, BS (Physics) Rochester, is the manager for strategic planning.  By combining practical business experience with deep scientific education, he is well equipped to help ANA deliver its message clearly, most especially regarding sales.  He has recently assumed a positon on the Board of Directors, assuring that ANA’s strong technology capabilities are balanced with sophisticated business acumen.


Everything that impacts your factory’s productivity deserves its own special care – and that includes the people.  Recent work has produced marvelous advances in electronics, software and psychology, and ANA has re-imagined what control systems can now be.   Not bound to the old, legacy-style of automation, ANA has learned how to release the huge productivity latent in your workforce.

It’s not just the hardware; it’s the attitude.  Everything is designed to hold your staff’s interest, to get them involved in ways previously thought impossible. Well, see for yourself.  Look around the website to see what ANA has accomplished 
These advances have grown out over a decade of work done under competitively-awarded support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and PSE&G (NJ).  The company maintains two lab locations, one in Westchester, NY and one in NJ.