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Role: Sr. Software Developer

Location: Scarsdale, NY



  • Build web applications with intuitive and interactive UI using JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3 and other scripting libraries;

  • Develop backend using OOP PHP5, MySQL, NoSQL, and Memcached;

  • Designed, develop, build and manage web and windows applications using C# and ASP.Net with .Net framework 4.0;

  • Design, develop, build and manage SQL and MySQL database applications;

  • Design, install, configure and manage dedicated, shared servers such as Windows, Linux, and SQL Server;

  • Architect application using MVC utilizing frameworks such as Codeigniter, Symfony and Zend;

  • Scale out the application with best scalability rules- software architecture;

  • Introduce and implement innovative concepts in web and Windows applications;

  • Work closely with management, evaluating current systems, and make decisions for future development.


Requires: Master’s in Computer Science, Engineering, or Related, + 6 months of related professional experience


Please send Resume and Compensation Details to:

Mr. Henry Weber