The Kolmar Sustainability Index

Kolmar has developed a “Sustainability Index” which is an overall measure of Kolmar’s impact on the environment, including electric (KWH usage & cost), gas/heating (DTH use & cost), water usage & cost, water & solid waste generation, and factoring recycled material.  The index is generated utilizing a baseline of 2010’s actual measurements, giving us the ability to track our impact year over year.  A lower score indicates a lower impact on the environment.  For 2014, our goal is to meet a 70% Index score aided by the following feeder metric goals:

·         Electric - 2% reduction of KWH/Unit Sold

·         Water Use – 2% reduction of CCF/Unit Sold

·         Waste (solid & liqud) – 5% reduction

In addition to these environmental goals, Kolmar will continue to strive towards the goal of

0 Lost Time Accidents.

Sustainability goals are achieved by employing:

  • DART energy monitoring to optimize energy consumption in recipes and as an equipment maintenance tool

  • Easy to program recipes for consistent batches to cut waste and rework

  • TripSaver to reduce travel and carbon footprint